7 ways to include chia seeds in your diet!

January 19, 2020 1 min read

7 ways to include chia seeds in your diet!

Organically cultivated in the mountainous round regions of South America, our tiny yet mighty Organic Chia Seeds are a great source of omega-3 and calcium! Here are some interesting ways to inculcate more of this amazing superfood in your diet for a healthy living.

1. Salad

Nothing better than a healthy bowl full of goodness of chia seeds, green veggies and your favorite fruits!

2. Smoothie

A smoothie with chia seeds and strawberries is everything you’re looking for!

3. Cereal Bowl

Find it hard to make breakfast right after waking up? This easy to make breakfast cereal bowl with dry fruits, chia seeds and fruits is your go-to choice!

4. Donuts 

Sprinkle the warmth of goodness of chia seeds on your favorite donuts and add a healthy value to it!

5. Pancakes 

The all-time favorite of everyone - pancakes now have a nourishing factor too with the introduction of chia seeds to it! Learn the recipe here.

6. Pudding

A pudding with dark chocolate, strawberries and bananas combined with chia seeds is a perfect way to tickle your taste buds!

7. Fruit Dessert 

This glass of sheer goodness of fruits like mango and kiwi, along with the chia seeds, is a perfect dessert to end your dinner with!

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