March 04, 2021 2 min read


Women’s Day is around the corner and we believe in celebrating women today and everyday! 

The March’s Box of the Month is dedicated to all those women who make the world a better place to live in and work tirelessly to help the people around be and do all things better. 

Celebrate this Women’s Day with us and our special box of the month! 

This box contains

Indian White Basmati Rice 

White Basmati Rice is one of the easiest choices when it comes to making something special with minimum efforts. You want to make a spicy dish or even a dessert, Basmati Rice brings its magic everywhere. Composed of healthy carbs and proteins, it helps keep you energized throughout the day whilst controlling your blood pressure levels. 

This Women’s Day, make something special with our Pride Indian White Basmati Rice for that special lady in your life! 

Split Masur Red Lentils 

The Red Masur Lentil is a powerhouse of nutrients packed with immeasurable benefits.  Housing a great share of dietary fibers, it helps in keeping the heart healthy by lowering the cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar levels. It even works amazingly for skin, weight, and teeth.

From making tasty and healthy curries to adding them in fancy falafels, do anything and everything with these Masur Lentils! 

Chickpea Curry Masala 

Introducing our new spice that goes with pretty much goes with everything and especially to add the perfect spice in that already perfect and delicious chickpea curry. 

Make all things delicious with the addition of this masala in your regular food! 

Whole Black Chia Seeds 

Being among the healthiest foods on the planet, Chia seeds have the goodness and nourishment of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are rich in antioxidants which helps in building the immunity and they are high in protein and fiber which aids the weight management. 

With just a teaspoon of chia seeds with water or in smoothies, your health becomes a little bit better every day.

This Women’s Day, pamper yourself with those amazing smoothies and shakes that will turn your day around! 

Herbal Mint Tea 

Coming home to a refreshing tea is all you need sometimes. Just a sip of our Herbal Mint Tea is enough to chase your blues away! It’s refreshing taste and aroma makes one feel calm and at peace. 

Get your Box of the Month now and celebrate women today and everyday with us! 

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