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Labor Day, a day of hope and hard work is celebrated in the recognition of the American Labor Movement. On this day, we honor the works and contributions of labourers and the workers in the development of our country. It also marks the end of summer and beginning of beautiful autumn. 

We are celebrating this special occasion with our Pride of India’s Labor Day Special Box. After all, there is no better way to spend the holidays than to have a nice cookout in your backyard with delicious ingredients. 

Indian Brown Basmati Rice

Brown Basmati Rice is one of the quickest and easiest foods to make and compliments almost every other ingredient. 

This whole grain bundle of nutrients helps in maintaining heart health and keeps you energized throughout the day. 

Pairing the rice with any kind of curry, chicken or just cooking it with veggies would be enough to help you out with tasty food options this Labor Day. 

Split Yellow Chickpea Lentils

Owing largely to their high nutrient content, yellow Mung lentils can easily add good health in your daily diet. 

From falafels to wraps, you can do so much with mung lentils for your backyard cookout party! 

Natural White Sesame Seeds

These oil-rich white seeds are a great and nutritious source of fiber and plant protein. 

Make some mouth-watering desserts with it or just sprinkle on the top of your grilled burger, sesame seeds are all things versatile and can easily be incorporated in all your Labor Day dishes. 

Natural Crystal Rock Sugar Whole

Having a full fledged cookout without a dessert is not how it is going to be with our Pride of India’s sugar whole. Add this dose of sweetness in your dessert favourites and make the special holiday ever so more special. 

Spicy Chickpea Papadum

These crunchy and healthy munchies can easily be one's all time favourite snack. 

It is a digestive and a great appetizer for your Labor Day cookout session. 

Enjoy the crispiness of our Spicy Chickpea Papadum and try your own Papadum recipes with a twist! 

Chaimati Vanilla Chai Latte

Chai on your mind? We got you covered with our Chaimati Chai Latte. After all, one can’t have a cookout without a beverage! Make your easy chai with the addition of 1-2 spoons of chai latte in your water. 

Celebrate the spirit of Labor Day and welcome the autumn vibe right at your homes with our delicious and easy-to-cook ingredients! 

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