Bold and Beautiful Box of the Month

March 05, 2022 2 min read

Bold and Beautiful Box of the Month

This month, to celebrate Women’s Day, we have tried to curate a well-put idea of a self-care routine for all the wonderful people around us. To all the bold and beautiful women in our lives, this box is the perfect thing to have for a holistic beauty regimen.

We have the perfect set of items for you to engage in a refreshing aspect of taking your self-care to a natural route. With a mix of all-natural things such as face packs, hair color along with some himalayan goodness infused shot glass, let's celebrate the strength of women in our lives.

Let’s explore the Bold and Beautiful Box!

Indian Healing Bentonite Clay Natural Face Mask Powder

Taking the natural route is always a good way of nurturing and taking care of your skin. Bentonite clay, as we all know, has a natural essence infused into them that helps in removing dead skin cells and unclogging dirt and oil from your pores. This natural face mask contains 100% natural bentonite clay powder that has been enriched with minerals to give your skin the all-round nourishment.

Fuller's Earth Deep Cleansing Clay Powder w/ Rose & Aloe Vera

After a natural treat from the deep cleansing clay powder, we are sure you're going to fall in love with this one and will add it to your daily list of beauty products. We have brought to you all the goodness of rose and aloe vera that will help you have a glowing, smooth and soft skin. It’s easy to use and a perfect fit into your daily beauty regimen.

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap 

Put your long bathing sessions to some value with this exotic soap rich in mineral content, and make your shower experience worth remember everytime you bathe. Packed with antioxidants for a healthy dose, this soap is a great way to celebrate yourself.

Herbal Henna Hair Color Powder w/ Gloves - Red

Looking to add a twist of natural hair color to your usual bunch? We have just the right solution for you! This product is made from 100% natural henna, blended with rare Himalayan herbs that are rich in proteins and vitamins.

Himalayan Pink Salt Tea Light Holder 

A blissful aroma is something that everyone wants to experience. The freshness from the pink salt in this tea light holder is a great mood uplifter. Since pink salt has inherent purifying and calming properties, it can be a perfect fit for your evening relaxations. Do give it a try to add a blissful aura of serenity to your comfort space.

Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glass

A perfect pick for your party trick! This shot glass is going to be the ultimate show-stopper for your party. It will leave all the guests amazed by the natural taste of salt from the glass after one takes a shot. Pink salt contains 84 traces of minerals and natural elements, which is an added advantage from this product of ours.

Enjoy a great time exploring the many products from our Box of the Month and relish the goodness that we have curated specially for you.

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