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Bath salts are water-soluble powdered minerals that are used in enhancing one’s bathing experience. Pride of India Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt is designed to match the experiences that one have in hot springs and natural baths. Chemically made with epsom salts, table salts, baking soda and the common ingredient, glycerin, bath salts come in a variety of colours and fragrances that increase one’s pleasure of taking a foamy bath.


Decreases anxiety and stress

The bath salts are meant to bring relaxation in one’s life. Just add the bath salt to your regular warm baths and it helps reduce anxiety and stress with its soothing properties and amazing fragrances that are enough to keep the worries away. Everybody needs a break in fast paced life and the bath salts fulfill this purpose by bringing some refreshment and serenity.

Soothes muscle pain

The stiffness of joints and muscles can also be cured with these bath salts. Just immerse yourself in the bathtub full of warm water and put the little chunks of bath salts in it to help with the muscle pain. Bath salts help in relaxing tense muscles and reduce inflammation because of the presence of epsom salts in it. It is also known to help in the cases of arthritis.

Restful sleep

With the increasing problem of insomnia and not being able to have a restful sleep, anything that can help overcome this issue is a blessing in disguise. The bath salts do their magic with relaxing your muscles through a good soak of foamy warm water. The salts linger with a warm feeling immediately making one sleepy and restful.

Moisturizes Skin and Improves Skin Health

Because of the goodness of table salts, the bath salts help in maintaining and improving skin health. After the soak, the skin becomes silky and smooth thus hydrating it from within. Not only bath salts work for dry and itchy skin, the baking salt showcases its healing properties by acting as an antifungal agent for skin and nails.


With so many benefits and uses, there is no reason to say no to having a refreshing and calm experience!


Get your Pride of India Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt now and enjoy a spa at home!

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