White Quinoa Flour - 2.2 Pound / 1 KG Jar by Green Heights

As one of the healthiest superfoods, white quinoa is now available in flour form. A promise of good health by Green Heights, this wheat substitute is ideal for those who are looking to curb gluten. Add white quinoa powder to make some fluffy pancakes, awesome waffles, or gooey chocolate muffins and give them a healthy twist for a worry-free binge. White quinoa flour is high in dietary fiber and protein along with all the vital amino acids that are essential to building a healthy body. We ensure that you get all the potent benefits of the flour through our process. We freshly mill our flour in-house and in small batches so that you get only the best. Now, bake pancakes, pastries, bread, and dipping with a healthier alternative that blends well with your daily diet.

  1. Super Flour for A Reason: White quinoa is regarded as one of the healthiest foods in the world and you can expect the same from its flour. Hailed as a superfood, the whole white quinoa is freshly milled in-house with love to give a fine-textured powder for daily consumption. Use it in all baked goods as a wheat substitute for a yummy gluten-free alternative.
  2. Powerhouse of Protein and Fiber: A plant-based superfood, white quinoa flour will help you get vegan and stay vegan without worries. Contains a sufficient amount of all nine amino acids and dietary fiber making it ideal for everyday consumption. Per serving of our quinoa flour gives 8.5 grams of vegan protein and 7.09 grams of dietary fiber. Quinoa flour also has essential flavonoids and other beneficial antioxidants for boosting your health like no other.
  3. Bake As You Like: As a gluten-free alternative, quinoa whole seeds powder is nutrition-rich with fiber, iron, antioxidants, and a complete source of protein. So, if you have been trying to avoid wheat, now is the time. Blends easily with a variety of ingredient. It is an ideal baking supplement and is often regarded as a delicious addition to baked dishes like banana bread, pancakes, protein smoothies, energy drinks, and sauces.
  4. Better Concentration: White Bolivian quinoa flour is one such bulk superfood that is rich with amino acid lysine that boosts mental health. Therefore, this flour is beneficial for students and professionals alike. At the same time, if you are following a keto diet, this low-carb and high protein powder makes for a good inclusion.
  5. Freshly Milled In USA: Our white quinoa flour is a product of USA and it is freshly milled in-house in small batches ensuring only the best in products for our consumers. The milling process preserves all the essential nutrients while taking care of the quality. It comes packed environment-friendly and BPA-free food-grade jars that are easy to use and store in your pantry. Now, enjoy the goodness of quality white quinoa flour all year round by Green Heights.