Milkylicious Whole Dry Milk Powder – 1 lbs (16 oz) Jar

Milkylicious Whole Dry Milk Powder: A Great Staple for Your Pantry Enjoy the same great taste of rich and nutritious whole cow’s milk in powder form, with Milkylicious. Our Premium Whole Milk powder is made from pure dairy milk with no artificial hormones, shorter pasteurization, and a quicker drying process making it tastier and healthier. Dry Milk powder is easily soluble in water to make liquid milk and can be easily used for drinking, cooking, baking, as well as in a variety of other nutritional recipes since it is very rich in protein and calcium. We are careful about processing the milk powder so that all its goodness stays intact. Our dry whole milk powder goes through several checks at high-tech facilities so that you only get farm-fresh goodness minus the baddies. They come in food-grade storage jars so easy to carry for your outdoor trip or any long haul.

  1. Additives Free Milk: Our Whole Dry Milk Powder is made with natural and USDA Grade A cow’s milk that is loaded with nutrition. If you are gluten intolerant and looking for an option that will help you enjoy all the benefits of the milk then, this is the right choice for you. Use it as a milk substitute with the same rich taste and health. It is free of allergens, antibiotics and hormones (rBGH free and rBST free) making it a safer choice for daily consumption for children and adults alike.
  2. Multiple Applications: Our whole milk powder is just like your regular milk without the baddies like chemicals and hormones. Use it to prepare a glass of milk or add them to a variety of dishes like bakes, tarts, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, and confectionaries. It is a fuss-free option for busy moms who can quickly prepare a bowl of milk for breakfast ensuring their children get the balanced taste and health.
  3. Rich in Protein and Calcium: Our whole dry milk powder comes loaded with vital nutrients along with calcium and protein that are the building blocks of a healthy body. Mix it in a glass of warm water or complement a bowl of cereal and have it the way you like, you will get the same rich taste and nutrition every time. Children will like it because it makes for a tasty drink with their favorite chocolate powder or as a summer smoothie with their favorite fruits.
  4. Lasts Longer: Our whole milk dry powder comes in a 24-ounce jar that makes a good whole 20 full cups of milk. If you choose to use it in lattes and supplements then, it will last even longer owing to the smaller portion size. Moreover, as they come in powder form, any milk-based dish you will choose making it becomes easy and fuss-free. It is an excellent milk alternative for breakfast recipes giving you tasty dishes within minutes.
  5. USA-Made and Packed in Food Grade Jars: Easy to store in your pantry, the milk powder comes in gourmet food-grade jars which preserve the authenticity of the milk till it lasts. Use the milk powder in a range of dishes for a quick mix and delicious food every time. From smoothies, supplements to lattes, bakes, oatmeal, cereal, and granolas, our milk powder will be an excellent addition making every dish you like even healthier and tastier.