Milkylicious Instant Fortified Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder – 1.5 lbs (24 oz) Jar

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Nutri-rich Fortified Milk Powder from Milkylicious Fortified milk is often considered advanced than ordinary milk. Our instant fortified non-fat dry milk powder lives up to this expectation. It comes loaded with Vitamin D, Protein, and Calcium and is considered one of the best options for growing kids. It helps fill in the nutrient gaps that are essential during the early years of a child allowing them to get all the vital nourishment that is left unattended by the daily diet. As it comes in a powder form so they are easy to mix, and gets ready in seconds giving you and your child health and taste in a glass. Apart from just preparing a glass of milk, you can also use the fortified milk powder in a variety of dishes as an alternative to milk and its substitutes. Now, enjoy coffee creamer, smoothie, and latte without worrying about gluten or chemicals with this all-natural non-fat fortified milk powder.

  1. All Natural: Our Milkylicious Instant Fortified Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder has low heat solubility and is made with 100% Grade A pasteurized milk from the USA. This dehydrated form of milk is brought to you without the water or the cream so you can get pure nutrition. This hormones-free and nonfat dry milk is ideal for everyday consumption and is great for the diet and calorie-conscious.
  2. Ideal for Kids: This fortified milk powder is rich in Calcium, Vitamin D, and Protein which is an ideal dietary supplement for growing children. It supports healthy growth and development during their vital early years. Easy to prepare, your children will now get the daily allowance of vitamins and minerals without the fuss or the mess. It is delicious too, so your kids will drink it in a jiffy.
  3. Free of Additives: Manufactured keeping in mind the daily need of children and adults alike, Milkylicious Instant Fortified Milk Powder is free chemicals or fillers. It is a pure vegetarian product and a health supplement that is rBGH Free, rBST Free (free of hormones) as well as GMO Free, and Gluten Free (free of allergens)
  4. Added Nutrients to Baked Goods: This fortified dry milk powder is also ideal for baking bread, cakes, and other confectionaries. Get an added kick of vitamins and minerals along with the taste that makes for the perfect accompaniment of your baked goodies. Our milk powder comes with a long shelf-life. Use it to fulfill your sweet tooth whenever you are in the mood for it.
  5. USA-Made and Packed in Food Grade Jars: Easy to store in your pantry, the milk powder comes in gourmet food-grade jars which preserve the authenticity of the milk till it lasts. Use the milk powder in a range of dishes for a quick mix and delicious desserts every time. From smoothies, supplements to lattes, bakes, oatmeal, cereal, and granolas, our milk powder will be an excellent addition making every dish you like even healthier and tastier.